shutterstock_382697113-nutrition-702x336A car needs fuel to run on the road. The human body also needs food to run. Food is the human body. But when and what you can do. Food and Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition focuses on eating before and after your exercise. Sports Nutrition improves your eating habit. This is a good habit of your body.


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Eating the wrong food and nutrition will never help you to get the desired sporting success. Let’s discuss the proper nutrition for you before, during and after the exercise. It depends on the type of sports you play or exercise you do. According to the sports you play or exercise you do, you will need various nutrients that influence your metabolism and improve your performance. That means athletes can increase their rate of success by following some simple nutrition rules.


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The food we eat or fluid we take gives us the energy we need to live. About 50% of our energy is supplied by carbohydrate, 20% by fats 15% by proteins. But we need to concentrate on the quality of the nutrient material. Because one element of the carbohydrate is not similar to the other elements.

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 Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body. But our body can store a limited amount of carbs in its glycogen stores so that they can be used when in need. We get these carbs from vegetables, fruits, milk, grain etc. perfect examples of healthy carb are very familiar to us. Like full grain bread, potatoes, vegetables, oats etc. but on the other hand, the products made of white flour or sugar contain harmful carbohydrates. They can cause weight gain for the long term and will provide a little amount of energy.


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A sufficient amount of protein helps you to build and develop your muscle when exercising. But even if you don’t want to gain muscle, protein is very important. It helps to regenerate stressed muscle fibers. A complete protein contains amino acids. These very essential amino acids can’t be produced by our body. We can get our desired protein from meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk etc. You can see the link to know more.


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Fats also serve us energy like carbohydrates do. Fats are two types. Saturated and unsaturated. Unsaturated fats are considered as healthy. We can get them from plant sources as if various kind of nuts, olive oils etc. Fats are slowest in the digest that’s why you should avoid fatty meals before exercise or play. Red meat and high-fat dairies can cause you heart diseases and many other diseases.


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You should have a three hours gap between the last main meal you ate and the start of your training or play. You can eat bread or noodles to make sure you are well stocked up with carbohydrate. That doesn’t mean you start exercising or play in an empty stomach. Few nuts or few pieces of dark chocolates will be good.

After the exercise is the best time to have some proteins. It will give strength to your muscles. You can plan have some protein snacks after exercise in every two hours. You can drink some skimmed milk also.


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While you are doing exercise, you need to look after your hydration also. At the time of exercise or play, you sweat a lot and your body needs a lot of fluids.

When you lose one percent of your body weight in water, your performance started to decrease. So, don’t drink water only when you are thirsty. Drink water periodically.

There is another reason to drink water while you exercise or play. when you drink water during exercise or play the nutrients can get to their prospective places in your body only when the fluid level of your body is balanced.


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When you are a sportsman or you are taking exercise seriously, a proper nutrition plan is very essential for you. You need to make your own nutrition plan according to the exercise or sports you are playing.

You can make your nutrition plan with the help of a dietitian. If you are planning to do very high-intensity exercise, you can make an endurance program. It needs high energy intake in forms of carbohydrate.

If you are doing muscle development training, then you need to have a sufficient amount of all macronutrients. Protein intake is very important in maintaining body mass.

All forms of exercise and sportsmanship need some supplements to improve performance. Sports drinks, protein supplements, liquid meal, iron, calcium, vitamin D. Creatine.



Whether you are a competitive athlete or a sports sports lover, you will not be able to maintain the energy to do your sport. Good Nutrition, the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fluid will keep you going strong during your workout.